Thursday, January 29, 2009

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is a very interesting event for me.  It is the biggest game of the year for my favorite League, yet I treat is with the less seriousness that my favorite teams first preseason game. 

One of my issues is, I am usually watching the game with a room full of people, most of whom are seeing their first game of the season.  These people are in it for the party, not the football.  Still, make no mistake, none of them believe that and they are all experts on all aspects of the game.  Everything from the play calling to the color of analyst’s shirt is under the microscopic scrutiny of these football experts. You are right Rick, Brady is an “idiot” for not seeing his open receiver. Debbie, please explain to the group why Eli Manning doesn’t “look” like a good football player.  What’s that Chad, you think running plays are a waste of a down…funny, I thought they were the foundation of a team’s offense. 

I guess it comes down to my respect for a person’s football watching experience.  I fully recognize that not everyone can watch 4 games a weekend, but an average of 3 per month is required for me to have any respect for a persons football opinion.  I also take age into consideration.  For every decade older than me someone is, I can excuse .5 games per month.  For example, If a guy is 30 years older than me, he must only watch 1.5 games/month for me to take him/her seriously.

The same allowence applies based on how many bags of Sunchips a person brings. 0.5 games a bag.

It is therapeutic for me to talk openly with you about this.  I am trying to mentally prepare myself for Sunday, when for the first time all season, I hear someone decide who to cheer for based on the color of teams jersey.

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