Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Did You Know...?

When any one of us visit a website, the operator of that website has the ability to get a small glimpse of his or her visitor through some form of Analytical data.  For instance, when someone visits this blog, I can see how they got here.  Whether it be directly(typing the address into their browser), a link from a different website, or through a search engine search.  

My favorite is a the search engine.  Interestingly enough, when someone uses Yahoo and types in "Jared Allen", we are in the top 5 results, yet the same search on google, we are not even in the top 50 pages.  Weird, but no offense taken.  

The best search I have seen, which resulted in a visit to www.thejaredallen.blogspot.com, is "jared allen fake id".  Strangely enough, this search occurs at least 5 times a day.  

In an effort to accomodate these Internetters, I have used my obviously limited photoshop skills and given them what they are looking for.  It is anyones guess, what they plan to do with a fake id, bearing Rodeo's image now that they have found it.  

Please post a comment below, explaining why you are looking for a Jared Allen fake id.

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