Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jared Allen Nickname Finalized

From this day forth, Jared Allen will also be known as Rodeo. 

Rodeo would like to say a few words to his fans who voted on his future identity, but he couldn’t be reached for comment (I have no idea how to contact him).  I would like to thank you for him, using the official new Rodeo greeting.   

The brand new way to greet," Rodeo style", is a move much like waving, but instead you pretend to hold a lasso, and spin it above your head.  I haven’t yet decided if it should end by throwing the imaginary lasso over an imaginary steer’s head.  That sounds like an idea for the next poll.


  1. Listen, Rodeo, if you throw the lasso, it would mean you're trying to catch whoever you're tossing it at. I'm voting for the implicit threat of just spinning it. It says "Howdy, pardner. You and I both know that if this here was a real lasso, I could take your feet out from underneath you faster than a rattler strike. Just so we're clear, is all."

    See ya in Mankato, Rodeo.

  2. I'm concerned that without the throw, no one will know when to end the spin. If this is a foolish concern let me know.

    Interesting thought Sean. Rodeo WILL see you in Mankato.