Friday, January 30, 2009

Jared Allen an Ultimate Fighter

In, best news I’ve ever heard, news, I just read (here), that Jared Allen is indeed an ultimate fighter. 

The news comes following a story from Minneapolis that Tarvaris Jackson is taking Mixed Martial Arts training in order to loosen himself up a bit.  Apparently, Rodeo participated in the same training while he was in KC, and it helped him with his agility and ability to round the corner (and his ability to beat your face in, should he deem that necessary). 

I got a pretty good sneak peek of what t-Jax will look like in the ring, during Wild Card Weekend against the Eagles, when Jackson threw a pick and tried to tackle the Eagles player at the goal line.  He was lifted into the air by the opposing team and thrown to the ground like a sack-o-potatoes.

None the less, I feel a real kinship with both Rodeo and Jackson now, because what a lot of you may not know is, my parents second cousin married Brock Lesnar’s brother.  True story.

Needless to say, Jared Allen will likely pursue an MMA career in the next few years, dominating the circuit with his reach advantage.  Wowing the masses with his devastating athleticism, an unparellelled work ethic  and his signature finishing move, the one-handed head squeeze.   

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