Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Momentary Lapse Into Honesty

If I can be honest with you for a moment. 

I can remember this offseason, when rumors of Jared Allen's trade to my team, the Minnesota Vikings began to surface.  The moment I learned this, I sent text messages to anyone I thought would care.  

I immediately turned to the World Wide Web for Jared Allen Highlight Videos, which by the way are few and far between.  I found one that was set to some old western music.  I must have watched it 5 times and sent the link around. 

Now I watch the man live, roughly every second Sunday during the season.  When the defense is on the field, he is the player I watch, when I took my mom to the game, I told her to watch, "the guy on the end".  Now that the Vikings season has ended, I was bored and I googled my man Mr. Allen and found not one dedicated site.  I have vowed to correct this injustice.  

I will not take my fake responsibility lightly.  If there is Jared Allen news, I will report it.  If there is no Jared Allen news, I will make it up.

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