Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jared Allen News, ESPN

I’ve got a few posts cooking for next week. They may, or may not include the following topics:  a new Jared Allen nickname, Jared Allen making Orlovsky pull his Orlovsky, how many carbs were in the chips I ate this weekend, Why even my dog hates Phillip Rivers, why in my dogs eyes, McNabb and Rivers are hard to tell apart and lastly, why those darn fuel prices fluctuate so much.

Before I get those topics and so many more, let me answer a few unknowns from last week.  Yes, JA had a mullet on TV this morning.  It looked sharp.  It was crisp, yet his stripes had grown in some, but all in all, he again showed why he was voted by Details Magazine as, the best-dressed athlete the last 3 years running.  Jared opted for the dual pleat brown pant with a striped white dress shirt.  Just like Jared, He was all business on top, yet look down and then, BAM…cowboy boots.

He gave insight into how to attack the Giants and Eagles with the outside pass rush.  I was struck by how calm Jared was calm in front of the camera.  I guess I should have expected it from a guy who worked his way through high school as the evening news anchor on Channel 5 WSAZ in Miami.    

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