Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jared's Youth

Jared Allen was born in the Jungles of South America.  No one knows the exact location of his birth, all we can say for certain, is that he was conceived in a tree and that his father is a Jaguar.  I did an Internet search of South American jungles, and now firmly believe that this event occurred near the town of Leticia, Columbia.

At age 5, Jared desired a new life for himself in America.  He acquired a fake ID, and got a job as a blackjack dealer on a riverboat casino in order to earn enough money to relocate.  

Jared eventually moved to America, where he settled in Miami, Florida.  While growing up, Jared was a very active child, and rumor has it that he was a real handful.  That is how he earned the nickname, "energy ball".  When he was ten, he invented dancing.

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