Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jared Allen's a Tough Dude

In 1979, Jack Youngblood of the L.A. Rams, played in 3 playoff games with a broken leg. 

Former Viking, Jim Marshall, played every game for 19 seasons, despite pneumonia, a shotgun wound to his side, an ulcer, heartburn, a head cold once a year and in one game, he had an eyelash in his eye that he couldn't get rid of.

Has Jared Allen ever played after getting shot in his ribs?  No, but the only reason is that he has never been shot in the ribs.  Had he been shot in the ribs, he'd tape it up and get 2.5 sacks the next game.

Has Jared Allen ever played with a pneumonia? No, but he's also not a 76 year old grandmother.  Don't punish the man for having a healthy immune system.

What he has done, is played with a grade 3 sprain on his shoulder, and just as it was healing up, a big, fat , Detroit Lion put a sprain on his MCL.

Whatever, no matter where you think JA stands on the NFL tough guy list, there is no doubt he is on it.  

The man killed a wild boar with a hunting knife.  True Story.

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