Monday, January 26, 2009

Brett Favre to the Vikings?

Peter King mentioned this afternoon that, if Brett “woops” Favre chooses to return to the NFL, he wants to do it as Jared Allen’s teammate. 

I have a vision of how their first meeting during the offseason program would go:

Jared  Allen:  Hey, man

Brett Favre:  Hi

JA:  those are nice cargo shorts

BF: thanks

JA: Did you cheat on your wife when she had breast cancer? 

BF: Yes sir.

JA:  Why do we say your name like Farve, but it’s spelt Favre?

BF:  I’m a moron.

JA:  Oh.

BF:  Did my wife Janelle, or whatever her name is invite you to my 50th birthday party at the Hyatt?

JA: No.

BF:  Friday night at 8:30

JA:  I’ll only come if I can beat up your friends, and throw food at you.

BF:  That’s normally what my best friend Mike Holmgrem does.  But I guess you can both do it.

JA:  Underneath the act you’re a dink aren’t you? 

BF:  Yes.



  1. pretty funny...I think the conversation might actually go something like that

  2. I think made up conversations are lame and unfunny. Don't do them anymore. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

  3. This blog is gay.

  4. I thank anonymous for his comment, but don't know how dumb you have to be to think a internet website has a sexual orientation.

  5. I live in Wisconsin & a die hard viking fan. Because of the pucker fans putting him on the cross can't stand him, so oh my god how hysterical. Damn near choked on my dinner. Who ever says this isn't funny has no damn sense of humor & needs to get one.I have found a new blog & love the rodeo even more. You go

  6. Wow, what class to bring up Deanna Favre's breast cancer. By the way, the imaginery conversation was stupid as is the nickname and this blog.

  7. Are you kidding me? It was clearly being critical of Favre for cheating on his wife in her time of hardship.

    That guy above is stupid.