Monday, January 19, 2009

Jared Allen and Howie Long

This is Un-Jared Allen related, although Jared Allen knows what I'm talking about here.

It is no longer just Teri Hatcher, Michael Strahan and Chris Long who hate Howie Long’s guts; we can now add millions of Americans to the list.  In case you have missed every commercial break since the playoffs began, let me fill you in on what’s been going on.   GM has some awesome truck commercials, and they go like this:

Howie Long knocks on the window of a pleasant looking man driving a non-Gm truck

Howie:  You look like a total dink in that truck

Nice Guy:  What?

Howie:  Your truck sucks

Nice Guy:  Why would you say that?

Howie:  I want to punch you in the face so bad right now

Nice Guy:  Blank Stare

Howie: Howie sticks up his middle finger and walks off.


Are bullies cool?  This might be one of the reasons General Motors in is a financial crisis.  Instead of advertising their vehicles, they seem to be spending tens of millions of dollars, running a campaign to make Howie Long look like a douchebag. 

At least they have accomplished their goal.


  1. That's freakin hilarious

  2. Don't forget Jimmy Kimmel and Frank Caliendo to the list of people who hate Howie.