Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Bowl Pick

On Sunday, I’m rooting for the underdog Cardinals.  Since I am not a fan of either team, I had to do some real soul searching in order to figure out why.  A few reasons came to mind.

-Larry Fitzgerald has quite possible the largest bum ever to run a 4.4, 40.  I can’t even believe that thing works on a wide receiver.  It’s just fun to watch.

-Kurt “baggy sleeves” Warner is old and good, a rare combination for success.  He worked as a grocery bagger in this adult life and rose to football stardom.  He must be one of those guys who refuses to read an article written about him, or watch his performance, like actors do sometimes, because if he’d of seen himself on tape just once, he’d realize he wears linebacker shoulder pads and his sleeve openings look weird.  He’s the Jake Plummer of his generation.  I can overlook all of his cosmetic flaws to root for the good man beneath it all.  Plus, Moto-cyclette Roethlisberger wears his hat backwards far to often to be taken seriously.

-Because they shouldn’t be where they are and the fact that they are , gives hope for every team in the league.  

-Edgerrin James was good, then he sucked and now he’s sort of good again.  Plus, his back-up’s name in Tim Hightower, which if I didn’t know better, I’d think was a 6’8” volleyball player from the University of Iowa.

There are other little things, like Jersey color, City location and the fact that I’d take a team with a bird name over a team named after a blue collar occupation any day, but those are petty, bandwagon reasons.  Larry Fitz’ ass on the other hand…you just can’t argue with that.

Cards 27, Steelers 17

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  1. Fitzgerald also wears his pants unusually high, but given what he's gotta cover up-it makes sense... they always show the same picture of teen-aged larry, working it on the sidelines of the Metrodome thinking about his dreadlocks.. that's a long time to have the same hair cut.. come to think of it, I've had the same hair style since '97