Monday, January 12, 2009

Jared Allen, Dan Orlovsky and Joe Flacco

Even though the Minnesota Vikings are out of the playoffs, Joe Flacco loosely referenced Jared Allen, and his team in his post game interview on Sunday.  At one point during the game, Flacco rolled to his right in his own end zone, nearly stepping out of bounds while looking downfield for his receiver.  Flacco said, “ I almost pulled an Orlovsky”.

I love the fact that Detroit QB, Dan Orlovsky now defines the action of stepping out of bounds in your end zone for a safety.  There are two reasons Orlovsky pulled his, “Orlovsky”.  One, he is an inexperienced QB.  Two, Jared Allen was hunting him down, like Orlovsky was a pigeon living in JA’s garage and JA is fed up with the crap on the hood of his pick-up truck, so he goes inside to grab his .22… (I had a hard time thinking of a better, “Getting hunted down analogy”)

See it for yourself here

In any case, thanks to Jared Allen, Dan Orlovsky now joins the long list of things that are defined by other things.  For example, a necktie worn around your head, with the knot on the side means, “office party”.

One last item of business stemming from Sunday is that I have come to the conclusion that Jared Allen hates belts. His kit for Sunday’s TV appearance was mysteriously missing a belt, and since I have no evidence to suggest he likes, or doesn’t mind wearing belts, I will conclude that he sees no use for them, and hates them.


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