Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jared Allen Highlights

Excuse the rapid posting, but I want to give the public something to read if they actually stop into our little thing we've got going here.

I was witness to JA's 3 sack ring-a-ding-ding against the Bears.  The text messages to my friend Chris, who was watching at home in Winnipeg went like this,

Me to Him(after after goalline stop and 99y Td):  Are you seeing this
(I didn't use a question mark, because why waste the time)

Him to Me: have you seen Allen's hair

Me to His:  No, why
(I didn't use a comma either)

Him to Me:  Short on top, long in back, train tracks on the sides

Me to Him:  Weird

The reality is that I sit half way up the upper deck, and have no ability to see first hand, the coif Allen sports on game day.  

I support JA's hair, and say, if you don't like it, you don't get it.

It just hit me that I don't know Jared Allen's nickname.  I'm going to research it right now, and if I don't find out, I'll make one up.

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