Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Upcoming Off-Season

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but the football season is done.  Except for the Pro Bowl, which doesn’t really count.  All I can hope for there is Adrian Peterson to bust an eighty yarder to provide me with one last flash of excitement before seven long months of nothing.  Actually, the best-case scenario would be Bill Belicheck (I don’t care if I spell his name wrong), standing on the sideline and two players bowl into his knees at full speed, a la, Charlie Weiss.  That is the perfect cap to a good year of football.

I shouldn’t say “months of nothing”.  I will have hours, upon hours of scowering the World Wide Web for rumors of trade information and free agent visits made to my favorite teams.  That’s always extremely rewarding, and a very effective use of my free time.  I can think back to last year, where I actually lost an hour of sleep to excitement over the thought of Derek Anderson joining the Vikings.  In hindsight, that hour would have been better spent sleeping. 

What will this year’s off-season hold?  Jared Allen will do some fishing, I’ll write about it.  Transformers 2 will be released, I’ll see it.  If only most other sports didn’t suck so much, I’d have more to do after football.  There’s always hockey playoffs…lord knows what watching the regular season is like though.

I’ll keep you all posted on what I’ve found to fill my time in these football-less days.  Feel free to comment your own plans below. 


  1. Go Sharks!!! Im sure you will head down to KC to kick it with your boy CJ

  2. I am spending the afternoon trying to get a commitment from my dad about renewing our season tickets. Apparently the Vikings think enough time has passed form watching Brad screw up the clock management at the end of BOTH halfs during the giants game that I am ready to give them more money at this time. I would pay double if they would get a decent coach. I think I'll put that comment with my payment.