Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Last Pro Bowl in Hawaii

In my lengthy conversation with 3 Hawaiian bartenders, I now am 95% certain that the Hawaiian people have love for 2 things in the sports world.  One is the NFL.  The Raiders and the 49ers being the teams of choice in these parts.  The second is UFC superstar BJ Penn.

Think about the information I have just given you, and realize with me, the painful life they must be living this week.  Basically they have been screwed, football wise for a decade.  Then BJ Penn loses to GSP on Saturday night.  If all of this wasn’t bad enough to cause a man to dive head first into a big blender jug full of pre-made Pina Colada mix, I had to inform one of my new acquaintances, that this was the last year for the Pro Bowl in Hawaii.

What could the NFL be thinking?  From next year forth, the event will be held the week before the Super Bowl, in the Super Bowl city.  Two things right off the bat…

-No player in the Super Bowl will play for obvious reasons.   

-In 2010, the Pro Bowl will be in Indianapolis.  How many players will hop on the plane to frigid Indianapolis at the end of January?  Do you think Clinton Portis owns a toque?...Hells No.   It seems like the NFL has a hard enough time getting players out to Hawaii each year. 

Miami seems, at first glance, to be the best of the mainland locations for this trial run.  A tropical climate, a party strip in South Beach, the great shopping, the fact that it is fast becoming one of North America’s Mecca’s for homosexuality, etc.  But, judging by the disproportionate amount of DUI’s that occur there by NFL players vs. any other city on earth, the thought of Miami’s vibrant blue and pink may conjure up too many bad memories to allow an extra visit next year.  Plus, many of the players call Miami home and if you’re going to smash up a Bentley, why not do it on a holiday, in somebody else’s town.  

I guess time will reveal the answer to this debate.  One thing that I know, Jared Allen would rather have the Pro Bowl in Hawaii.  I read that today, and I believe everything I read.  So should you… see Detroit Uniform changes below.

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