Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super Bowl Was Most Watched Ever

Although it is not yet official, it appears that this years Super Bowl was not only the most watched Super Bowl, but the most watched television program ever.  It will narrowly overtake the series finally of M*A*S*H, the season 2 season premier of Two and a Half Men, and the television premier of the movie House Guest, starring Sinbad, which were previously tied for first place.

We all know what this means, there are a hundred million people around he world that think Santonio Holmes is the greatest receiver of all time, followed closely by Larry Fitz (which isn't far from the truth actually).  One benefit to that many people watching the broadcast, is an enormous number of people now know the truth about John Madden.  I'm sure everyone watching was reminded of their aging grandfather on the verge of losing his mind.  Is it too much to ask of our commentators to get the first names of the players correct?  What is Boldin's first name again?  Don't ask Madden, I think he called him Anthony two times.

Back to the movie House Guest for a moment, I think for a movie that provided us all with the nickname "ST3", for anyone named Steve, it gets far too little respect.  And what has happened to Sinbad?  last thing I heard, he was standing in line, two people in front of my friend Gareth, waiting to open up a bank account in a San Fernando Valley Wells Fargo.

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