Thursday, February 5, 2009

QB sacks are fun to watch

One of my favorite things in the game of football is the QB sack. Depending on which side of the ball you are cheering for at that moment, there is nothing more devastating or exciting to watch.  It is tremendously satisfying to watch a pocket collapse, and the QB go down.  The image is often so dramatic.  The QB gets crowded, and then he flails, fighting to stay on his feet, only to be thrown to the ground.  If you’ve ever been to an NFL game live, you know what I’m talking about.  The crowd noise as your Defense waits for the ball to snap and volume in the building, if your team brings the QB down.  

The best play imaginable for me is a defensive player coming around the edge, turning the corner around the OT, then planting his shoulder square in the QB’s back.  Better yet, if it’s in the end zone.  These are the thoughts that keep me warm during the long offseason.  These are also the things that put 694 million dollars in a Bank of America account, belonging to Jared Allen.

All of this reminiscing was brought on by Arizona’s Darnell Dockett’s Super Bowl performance, which is tied for the best ever. 

I just got back from golfing, here is Hawaii, and the five hours in the sun has left me no energy to think of anything humorous to add to this post.  Today, you just get the cold, hard facts.  I only lied once in the writing of this post, and it was on Jared Allen’s salary.  I considered writing in his actual salary, but decided against it.  I get more honest, the more tired I get.   

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