Monday, February 2, 2009

The Super Bowl, and My Distractions

Please accept my sincerest apologies in advance for my sporadic posts over the next two weeks.  I am currently in assignment, covering the 2009 Pro Bowl festivities.  I am trying my hardest to get the inside scoop, as they say, but it may be hard because for the time being I am on the wrong island.  I will note however, that I had a wonderful talk with a local bartender named Jason, who is a 49ers fan. 

How about that Super Bowl?  I have watched very little television, so I am currently benefitting form absolutely no thought corruption brought on by listening to analysts tearing apart the game over and over, for days on end.  So I have a few original thoughts to share, although I recognize that since everyone watched the same thing on Sunday, we may share common opinions.  Although, my Super Bowl started at 1:30 pm.

-Larry Fitz, is a maniac, who’s sweat should be bottled up, mixed into a cologne, and sold for $100 a bottle, like Garth Brooks did in the mid 90’s. 

-How do you not review a change of possession in the last 10 seconds during the Super Bowl?  It looked like a fumble to me, but what is the harm in a booth review. 

-Santonio Holmes is the MVP?  Nice job.  It is cool for a tier 2, WR to receive such an honor.  That’s like Bobby Wade, or Mike Furry getting the keys to the Hybrid Escalade.  My Prediction for next year… who ever the back up tight end in Baltimore is. 

-By my count, Bud spent 9 million dollars on horse commercials that didn’t even make me smile once. 

I will post again in the near future.  I feel rushed, because the only Wi-Fi signal I can get from the house I am in is from a source called “Margaret”, which I believe to be the next-door neighbor’s signal.  I know the neighbors name is Margaret, so I am fairly certain.  Her signal however, gets turned on and off throughout the day, so I have a narrow window with which to execute my post. 


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