Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Marshawn Lynch is Arrested Again

Marshawn Lynch doesn’t look like a very smart dude.  In fact, if you have ever played fantasy football, you have seen his head shot picture used to inform fantasy team managers that he is not actually human, he is a huge monster, with monster, Predator like hair, and a monster face, including weird metal teeth that look like they will bite you on your face.  Then again, for a football player, that’s not a bad look.

As if Bills fans didn’t face enough adversity last season on the field, Lynch keeps on committing crimes.  He should stay away from SUV’s because by that seems to be the common bond between last years hit and run, and this years loaded gun in the truck charges.

The man is 2 for 2 on getting arrested during the offseason.  He should come and hang with me for a few months; I’ll show him some good clean fun.   You know, watch some TV after supper, maybe a re-run of Two and a Half Men, check out a reality show after that, cap it off by going out for some nachos at Tony Roma’s.  And that’s just a week night, on the weekends we’d run some errands on Saturday, go out for dinner, maybe go to a friends house for some drinks after, maybe watch a movie.  Sunday, we would relax a little, take a nap, you know; really wind it down before a busy Monday.

Consider the offer extended Marshawn.   Also, bring whatever Xbox games you have, and an extra controller, I smell some late night video game sessions.

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