Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ray Lewis at the Pro Bowl

Ray Lewis is in Hawaii, for his 20th consecutive Pro Bowl.  He is like a dad to many players in the league.  He shows them stuff, like what financial advisers to talk with, whether to lease or buy the Bentley, he answers questions like, house or condo?, He shows the players cool ways to wear their hair, how low to wear their pants and he tells them about hip new shoes they could wear, what hot jams should be blairing over their trucks radios, how big the face of your watch should be and he's always got the pulse on the hottest celebrity gossip.  Some people call him the NFL's Godfather.  I call his the NFL's Doggfather, because he's cool like Snoop.

I love Ray Lewis, but there is something that I need to get off my chest.  I'm going to grab a good look for myself on Sunday, but I'm pretty sure Ray-Ray is running around with a dad gut.  At first I was giving him the benefit of the doubt, thinking of it as a Hulk Hoganesque muscle gut.  But after seeing him running around practice today, I'm 90% sure he's got a classic case of the old, solid/fat gut.  You know, the kind that if you punch, it doesn't move, it is just a big firm belly.  He is pushing 40, so it isn't that big of a deal, but I thought I'd mention it none-the-less.


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