Monday, February 23, 2009

NFL Combine Wonderlic Test

The Wonderlic test is given to NFL prospects at the NFL scouting combine.  It is a logic test that tests how much mental capacity accompanies the physical skills that are on display.  The Wonderlic has 50 questions and 12 minutes to answer them with.

Here are the average scores by position:












Some interesting scores:

Vince Young, 6

Ryan Fitzpatrick, 38

Kevin Curtis, 48

Eli Manning, 38

Donovan McNabb, 14

Tony Romo, 37

Tom Brady, 33

Brady Quinn, 29

Dan Marino, 15

Michael Vick’s Broham, Marcus Vick, 11

It doesn’t seem like a players general intelligence has a direct correlation to football skill, but I can understand teams wanting to know if they just gave a moron $20 million guaranteed.

I’m sure all this Wonderlic talk has you itching to take a test yourself.  You can do so here and here.  Those links are the best I can find.  I must warn you though, they may not be very accurate.  If I believe the scores I received on those two tests, I would be a certifiable genius and if you read over some of the crap that came out of my brain and onto this blog, it is obvious that the tests are scoring a little high.

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