Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Patriots, Jay Cutler and Marshawn Lynch

Quickly running down today’s headlines,

-Just when I think I don’t need to worry about the Patriots any more, they start trying to sign Julius Peppers.  I hate everything about the Pats.  Their coach, their QB, surprisingly, even their linebackers annoy me, the cutoff sweatshirts (going back to the coach), watching Wes Welker run around makes me mad, Randy Moss is OK Though, but everyone else sucks.  This off seasons acquisitions seemingly has the team stacked again, and that is without Peppers, add him in and they will probably be in the AFC game again.  I think they have picked up every free agent, former Pro Bowl player in the league over the age of 35, this year.  When Holt starts making visits, I bet he’ll land with the Pats.  The Pats will go after him hard because they have a tape of the Super Bowl walk through with Holt running his patterns so crisp and clean.

-Cutler will probably get his trade.  I think it will take his future teams QB and two first rounders.  That said, If I’m a GM, I seriously consider it if I’m employed by any team in the NFC North (except Green Bay), actually, instead of listing teams who should consider Cutler, it is easier to say, unless you have Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Big Ben, or Drew Brees, you should be looking into it.  That said, I think Minnesota better get their Diabetes meds ready, cause a Type 1’s coming to town.

-Marshawn Lynch loves driving with guns in his truck.  He also loves to hit pedestrians with his truck as they cross the street in front of him.  He looks like a scary monster.  The commissioner is going to look into his frightening, wolf like eyes and suspend him for 2 games in the ’09 season.  That will be a huge loss for the Bills, who also will receive a huge loss two season’s from now, when T.O. tells Trend Edwards he sucks, throws Gatorade on Lee Evans and tries to kill himself again.  The last one there was admittedly over the line, but I’m leaving it in.


  1. You so owe me a laptop.

    Could you put some kind of disclaimer on this blog -- like, "don't eat or drink while reading"?

    In the meantime, if the Pats are picking up every FA over 35, maybe Brett Favre can be persudaded out of retirement. Again!


  2. Strategerie, I'm just waiting for the surprise announcement. Brett Favre signed to a 3 year deal. And because Belichick thinks it's weird how he pronounces his last name, it will now say Farve on the back of his jersey.

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