Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pacman, Smith, Henry and T.J.

Someone commented on a previous post, that T.J. Housh… decided not to join the Minnesota Vikings, because he was introduced to their old/possibly future QB, Jackson and presumably lost all interest in the team.  I read the same rumors over the last few days, and think it probably has more to do with the money in Seattle.  Then again, if the Vikes were actually toting T-Jax as their QB, T.J. likely had visions of the endless 5 yard in routes, and the occasional quick slant pass on his back shoulder and figured, screw this, I’m hooking up with “expedia” Hasselbeck.

In moron news, I read about three morons yesterday. 

-Andre Smith, future rookie OT, skipped the combine practices last month after showing up to just the interviews, then at his pro day he stinks it up, running a 5.28-40.  Nice work, I think it’s time to stop listening to whoever is giving you your advice.  That person sucks at giving advice.

-Pacman Jones got in a fight while filming for Spike tv’s “pro’s vs. Joes”.  The fight might have been exaggerated to get ratings, but the fact that he would even consider a ratings grabbing fight shows what an dumb, dumb, man he must be.  Pacman, you don’t have a job and you are trouble wherever you go, why add fake fights to the list of real fights?  They all get mixed together and teams think you fight a lot.  Stop it.

-Travis Henry has 9 kids, by 9 different women and owes $170,000 each year in child support.  He also doesn’t have a job, because he likes drugs more than football.  Oh yeah, he is also house arrest, because he got caught trafficking cocaine.

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  1. What about smith running the 40 with his shirt off? Maybe he thought he would cut down on wind resistance. You know, just trying to get ahead.