Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2009 Wonderlic Leaked

It’s that time of year again.  I’m not talking about the buzz around the NFL draft, the failing sump pumps, flooded ditches (in Canada), march madness, or Brett Favre watch #6, I’m talking about the annual event where some guy in a teams front office calls a reporter and faxes over the confidential wonderlic test scores that were hand delivered to his desk.

Before getting to the actual scores, I will stress again that the scores are not sent out to everyone in a teams front office.  If that were true, than I would look toward the scouts every time.  Either the scouts or the assistant equipment manager, those two are the worst at keep secrets.  In fact the scores are couriered to the teams G.M. or head of player personnel.  If it leaks, it’s from there.

Some Notable test results are,

Matt Stafford, 38            Mark Sanchez, 28            Josh Freeman, 27           

Kevin Barnes, 41            Arizona's Eben Britton, 31             Virginia's Eugene Monroe , 24

Baylor's Jason Smith, 23            Ole Miss's Michael Oher , 19           

USC's Clay Matthews, 27            USC's Brian Cushing, 23           

Michigan's Louis Delmas , 12


Andre Smith, who has had his fair share of negative press leading up to the draft, scored a 17.  While that is neither impressive, nor shockingly low, I think the fact that his score wasn’t between 5-10 is surprising to a lot of people.  I’d add more scores, but truth be told, they are not very interesting.  It not like news about mop handle beatings or drunk driving manslaughter.    

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